Victoria’s Secret Runway Sexy Hair

Victoria’s Secret Runway Sexy HairWho doesn’t envy an angel? On the Victoria’s Secret runway every year, we’re enamored by the glitz, the glamour, and the style, but there is one way in which any woman can go about her day embracing one of the many factors that make the Angels the elite models of fashion. Hair is sexy, that’s no secret, and getting Victoria’s Secret Angel type extensions is one way that you can strut through your day like you’re the bombshell making her way down the runway. Super sexy Angel worthy hair is actually much simpler than you may think, and I want to make this trademark look one that is achievable for everyone.

The first secret to bombshell worthy hair is the extensions, and as you can see on the runway, these extensions simultaneously add both length and volume to any type of hair. What’s great about extensions is that you can play with length and style more easily than ever before, and that’s often just what the models do. For the one night fashion show, the extensions being used may be clip in, braid in, or sew in extensions, and they can be removed just as easily as they’re placed in. The result these extensions are able to provide is a moveable, bouncy, and sexy style; the true embodiment of the Angels themselves.

If you’re looking for the same kind of style and volume as you’ve seen on the Victoria’s Secret runway, all it really takes is a trip to your stylist. Depending on if you want to embrace the style for a one day event, or if you’re looking for something able to withstand a bit of a longer haul, your stylist may use different types of extensions to really achieve the look. For a wedding or event where you want temporary extensions, your stylist may use the same types of extensions used on the Victoria’s Secret runway models with wefted extensions sewn or held in using small comb clips.

You’ll also find that this Victoria’s Secret sexy hair can work with all types of events or occasions, and you can look remarkably chic while running errands or having a big night out. I’ve found that these are particularly popular with weddings during all seasons, and this rings true for the bride, bridal party, or simply those attending.

While it may seem hard to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, it’s not hard to have angel worthy hair, and all you need to do is look into what extensions are best for your look!

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