Top 3 Ways To Hide Dark Roots

For those whose hair seems to grow quickly, hiding your roots until you have time to see your stylist can be a bit of a problem. While flashing dark roots can be thought of as something of a fashion faux pas, there are ways to hide them or incorporate them into your style that will keep you looking chic until you can make it to your salon once again.

The top 3 ways to hide, or incorporate, the look of your dark roots are:

  1. Dry shampoo – There are about a thousand reasons why you should be using dry shampoo anyway, but hiding your dark roots is one huge benefit that you’ll find dry shampoo provides. Spray or powder dry shampoos will often lighten the hair a bit naturally as they do their thing, and applying it to dark roots can give you a way to give yourself a quick style touchup as you make your roots less noticeable. While this may not be the perfect fix for those with very dark contrasting roots, it can be a great solution for those who have it more subtle.
  2. Dimension styles – Rather than simply hiding your roots, if you want to bring them into your style, you’ll want something with a bit of dimension. Any style that is used to show off a fresh highlight can also be used to incorporate dark roots, and you will even find that your roots can look something like highlights when brought into dimension friendly styles. One great option for this look is using milkmaid braids or twists pinned close to the head that show off your roots and provide your hair with a little added depth.
  3. Beach waves – In another effort to incorporate your roots, using carefree beach waves can allow your roots to give your style a little oomph. Beach waves are meant to be a relaxed look, which allows your roots to fit right in, and this look also fits in seamlessly with the upcoming warm weather season!

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