The Top 3 Most Requested Celebrity Styles Across The United States

When it comes to celebrity style, different portions of the United States draw their inspiration from different celebrities, and what may be the hot thing on the east coast, will be a little different on the west coast, and what lies in the middle will have a different outlook as well. What remains the same, however, is that women all across the United States are drawing their hair inspiration from today’s top celebrity looks, and each has their own unique and eye-catching type of charm. The top 3 requested celebrity styles from coast to coast are:

  1. New York and Nicole Richie – For the east coast fashion mecca of New York, hairstyles seem to go the way of timeless and sophisticated, rather than trend type edgy, and there is no better advocate for this type of style than Nicole Richie. Particularly for women looking for shorter or bob styled cuts, Nicole’s wispy 2006 bob is still a top inspiration. The cut includes an eye-grazing low side-swept bang, with some shorter layers just brushing the chin, and longer layers hitting the jawline, and the bob has just enough angle to work on both shorter or longer faces.
  2. Los Angeles and Michelle Williams – Michelle Williams made a huge splash with her pixie cut that she debuted just a few short years ago. What makes this style work so well with Los Angeles fashion culture is the versatility of the look as well as the edginess that comes with going so short. To replicate this style, you would need to make sure to keep the bangs and the back of the hair short with the layers, but with softened edges around the entire cut to ensure it remains feminine rather than severe.
  3. Chicago and Adriana Lima – Rather than the shorter styles being seen in Los Angeles and New York, the middle of the country is taking their inspiration from longer locks. The most popular celebrity hairstyle requested in Chicago is none other than Adriana Lima’s long and luxurious effortless waves, which give a versatile sex appeal to long and full hair. If you want to replicate this look, the most important factor to stress to your stylist is emphasis on the layers around the face, as that is what really gives the look its signature sex appeal.

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