The Formal Oscars Wob

The Formal Oscars WobThe wavy long bob, the wavy lob, or the wob…no matter what you’d like to call it, the fact that it is on trend right now remains. We saw it on the Oscar’s red carpet back in February on stars from Emma Stone to Naomi Watts, and women everywhere are running to their hairstylists to find out just how to replicate the look themselves. While this wob look can be done in a beachy and carefree fashion as well, we want to focus on how to pull it off in a formal setting, and with a little practice, we find that this is a look that you may not even need to go to your stylist to achieve.

The first step to getting the wob is the cut, and you’ll want some blunt edges and longer layers ending around the base of the neck. Hair too long or too layered will hinder the look, although some careful pinning and finesse could work to make these styles wob-worthy as well!

When doing your formal wob, you’ll first want to protect your hair with some heat protectant products before blow drying, and especially if you plan to use a curling iron. A curling iron provides you with an easy tool to use in perfecting you waves, but the heat can leave hair looking dull and damaged if you don’t take the proper heat precautions first. An important thing to remember is that there is no real wrong way to carry out a wob, and the size of your curling iron or the size of your waves is entirely up to you.

If you’d prefer something edgier, we recommend leaving the ends out of the curling iron, and really playing on your blunt edges. If glamorous is more your style, completing a full curl is often recommended, but both styles can really work for a formal occasion. Once you’ve done your curls, whichever type you’d prefer, you’ll then simply pull them out a bit with your fingers to give you a loose look, and finish off with a bit of shine enhancing finishing spray.

The wob was one of the biggest hair trends at this year’s Oscar’s, and it just so happens to also be a trend that is extremely easy to emulate. Whether you’re going to a wedding, or a big date night out, there is no wrong place to debut your new wob!

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