Sarah Hyland And The Perfect Looks For Heart Shaped Faces

For those with heart shaped faces, it can be a little tough to know just what style can best showcase your features, but we feel that there is no better resource to turn to than Sarah Hyland. The 24-year-old actress who stars on the ABC sitcom Modern Family has shown off a plethora of exquisite hairstyles which perfectly frame, shape, and show-off her heart shaped face, and many of these are versatile enough to work with woman of any personal style or age range. From shorter styles, to longer styles, to elegant up-do’s, Sarah has been able to show heart-shaped women everywhere a thing or two about perfect hair styling.

One look perfect for those with longer hair is one that Sarah Hyland sports quite often, and this is her sleek and glossy long waves. A layered look that has the layers beginning at around the cheekbone area, waves are incorporated into the lower portions of the hair, and pointed outward from the face. What this does for those with heart shaped faces is balances out the narrower chin line by placing volume right in the area where it’s needed most, as it highlights the cheekbones by having the layering begin right within the region.

If you want to go a bit shorter, and are especially looking to incorporate the lob, or longbob, trend, Sarah’s pinned low-do shows that this can be done perfectly. While her style is actually made up of longer locks pinned into place in the back, the front of the style shows the same longer layering seen in her sleek and glossy wave look, but paired with a deep side part and a shorter apparent length. The style shows that not only does the shorter lob length work well on a heart shaped face, but a deep side part paired with it bring attention to all the right features as well.

For an up-do, Sarah has also shown how well a top knot with some volume can work in accentuating a heart shaped face, and the best part of this look is that it’s easily achievable, and only takes a few minutes. With very little product, and some hair pins, this is an up-do that any woman with a heart shaped face can use for her next formal event!

For those with heart shaped faces, taking a look at Sarah Hyland’s styles throughout the years is a great way to see just what styles can enhance your best features, as they frame the face and enhance your look!

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