Recreating Beyonce’s Wavy Lob

Recreating Beyonce’s celebrity stylesBeyonce’s wavy lob style is one of the single most requested celebrity styles out there right now, and women everywhere are clamoring to their stylists to see just how they can pull this look off for themselves. The wavy lob has been seen on stars from Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone, to Naomi Watts and Anne Hathaway, and this is one look that can work flawlessly on women of all ages, all hair colors, and all hair types. In Beyonce’s case, we’ll be looking at the wavy lob look on thicker hair, although this is a style that is achievable for thinner haired women as well.

The most important aspect of Beyonce’s wavy lob is the cut itself, and without the right cut, it will be impossible to replicate the look. What you’ll want is a cut that is a bit shorter in the back, and angled at 45 degrees towards the front, as the back wedge can create volume where it’s needed the most, while still framing the face without looking too boxy. For thicker hair with a wave and blunt edges, a boxy look is something that can easily come about by accident, and this is just what you’re looking to avoid by using the right angles to create the shape of the hair.

For the waves, these may be natural or they can be done by you, and there are a ton of different ways to achieve the right wave for your wavy Beyonce inspired lob. A few simple methods are:

  1. Using a beachy texturizing spray – Using the same products you reach for when you want carefree beach waves, you can get a really nice relaxed wavy lob look.
  2. Flat iron – Using a flat iron to create waves is a great method to opt for, but make sure to remember your heat protectant first!
  3. Braid it overnight – Braiding your hair overnight can also help you to get great waves, but remember that the tighter your braids are, the tighter your waves will be!

Beyonce’s new chic wavy lob isn’t a particularly tough style to emulate, as long as you have a stylist that knows how to work their angles. The lob is the hottest look of the spring and summer, and we love the idea of using Beyonce’s as a base of inspiration!

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