Jennifer Lopez And Polished Oscars Perfection

Jennifer Lopez And Polished Oscars PerfectionElie Saab was a big hit on Oscar night in 2015, and her designs not only contributed to Emma Stone’s brilliant Oscar look, but Jennifer Lopez’s as well. J. Lo was seen on the Oscars red carpet looking like she had just sipped from the fountain of youth itself, and the gown, hair, and makeup chosen worked flawlessly to achieve a completely youthful, yet appropriate, chic awards night look. To sum Jennifer’s look into one word, it would have to be polished, and just about every fashion choice Jennifer made for Hollywood’s biggest night was a right one.

To begin with her gown, the nude tone of the Elie Saab gown she wore meshed perfectly with her naturally bronzed skin, and this really helped to bring the look together and create a truly complete appeal. The gown itself was somewhat simple, but also somewhat intricate, with a low-cut plunging V neckline and embellishments that begun at the top of the gown and tapered off as they reached the full skirt portion of the dress. The plunging V neckline has become something of a Jennifer Lopez signature, and while it works better sometimes over others, this was one situation where it really worked perfectly to complement her look.

When it comes to the hair, Jennifer’s hair was pulled back into a sleek high ponytail and polished to absolute perfection, proving again that the pony isn’t only a look to bring out when at the gym or having a casual afternoon out. Jennifer has worn the formal ponytail many times on the red carpet, and this is just another example of how it can be done right. Pulled away from her face, her hairstyle also allowed the focus to be on her face and the cut of the gown, and this really worked to her benefit particularly with the gown’s top detail.

For her makeup look, another Jennifer signature is staying fresh faced, dewy, and with a bit of sun-kissed bronze color. The eyes were a bit done up, but the face and lip were kept fresh and nude, and this allowed her entire look to remain simple, yet completely elegant. With the bit of color on the eye, this allowed her look to avoid becoming “washed out”, and this is something we recommend if you’re planning to go for a nude look yourself during any event.

At the 2015 Oscar’s, Jennifer Lopez proved, yet again, that the fountain of youth must be out there somewhere, and that any woman can work with her signatures without becoming stale.

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