January Jones’ Short Retro Bob

In 2014, January Jones debuted one red carpet hairstyle that proves you can never go wrong with the classics, and of course we are referring to her short wavy bob. This style was inspired by the retro styles of the 1920’s and 30’s, and it’s one that is surprisingly easy to achieve for the average woman. Touching at just around chin length after the waves have been put into the hair, this style is one way that women with shorter to mid-length hair can do something a little different with their look during any formal occasion.

First, the real beauty of this style is that it’s truly suitable for women of any age, and someone who is 21 can look just as stunning with this look as someone who is twice their age. Such a versatile style allows it to be worn by a vast array of different types of women and at different ages, so there is no way that you can really go wrong.

Next, as many women know, it can be tough to style thinner hair while keeping a look with curl or body, but this style is particularly suited for those with a thin to medium hair density, and a fine to medium texture. The way the curlers are placed within the hair provides quite a bit of body, and using the right product can give these waves quite a bit of staying power.

The styling time to achieve January Jones’ retro wavy bob look is around 30 minutes, which is hardly any time at all when you consider that this is a look fit for the red carpet! All you need to replicate the look is:

  • Mousse
  • Parting comb
  • Round brush
  • Blow dryer
  • Medium hot rollers
  • Smoothing shine serum
  • Hairspray

The first step to replicating this hairstyle is putting a small amount of mousse into damp hair before blow drying, and this is particularly important for those with thinner or less dense hair. The mousse will provide some added body and hold to the hair, and give the rollers something to work with in terms of shape. Once the mousse is in, you’ll then want to part the hair at around the left eye, and then begin the blow-drying process. Blow drying the back and sides inward, and along the direction of the part, make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before placing the rollers.

Going along with the natural direction of your hair, you’ll want to get full coverage with your medium sized rollers in order to ensure the waves will be created correctly. After the rollers have set, you’ll then simply need to apply the smooth shine to the ends of hair, helping to create the waves, add a little hairspray, and you’re finished!

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