Formal Hair Trends For Spring And Summer 2015

Formal Hair Trends For Spring And Summer 2015If you have a formal event coming up in the spring or summer of 2015, why not take a red carpet inspired look and make it your own? The up do trends being seen for these upcoming seasons can work for all types of hair, or all levels of formal looks, and if what we’ve seen is any indication, they can make you look as polished or as effortlessly chic as you want. From half up and down styles, all up styles, and all down styles, and no matter your hair length, the runways have offered us quite a bit to choose from when it comes to the formal hair trends of today.

One style that we really love is the loose-knot style that leaves the front of the hair down and carefree around the face, but the back pinned into a romantic low-knot. What makes this style really great is that it’s so easy to do yourself at home, and this is perfect for any surprise events you may have to attend throughout the season. Along with the pale dress trend, we also find that this is a style that can be made effortlessly romantic with a delicate accessory to match your ensemble!

Ballerina buns are also a big trend right now, and these are left sleek and sophisticated with a clean wet look, and pinned up toward the top portion of the back of the head. For spring and summer, you also get the added benefit of hair off of your face and neck, which keeps you nice and cool, while you can use all the open space to play with different accessory options. With a ballerina bun, we often recommend a simple earring to keep things delicate and feminine!

If you’re looking to wear your hair down, relaxed waves are being seen all over runways, and these can work with just about any hair length. In order to not have your formal look wind up too relaxed, we often recommend making sure the frizz is kept to a minimum and curls are defined using shine enhancing serums!

The formal hair looks for the spring and summer 2015 seasons are filled with different styles, and it’s easy for just about anyone to pick out something they love and that works for their type of hair. Whether you’re going for a full up do, something down and relaxed, or a combination of the two, we’re confident that you’ll love your runway inspired hair this year!

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