Emma Stone’s Oscar Night Hair Color Perfection

Emma Stone’s Oscar Night Perfection- hair colorIf we’re talking about who really made it work at the Oscars this year, there is no conversation without mentioning Emma Stone in her Elie Saab Couture custom gown, coral matte lip color, and glamourous wavy lob. While many of today’s top actresses really brought their style A-game to Hollywood’s biggest night, Emma’s look is something that she really pulled off, and I want to break it down piece by piece to show just what made this fashion statement tick. From head to toe, Emma’s look was perfection, and we could all learn a few lessons from Emma’s style playbook!

First, to start with the hair color, Stone’s gorgeous and signature coppery red locks were cut into the very trendy lob fashion, or long bob, and styled with a wave reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden age. Swept behind one ear and glamorously framing the face on the other side, the ends of Emma’s hair hit at just about the bottom of the neck with the longest layers, and shorter layers ended at just around the jawbone area. The hair color was able to perfectly complement the fair tone of her skin, and the length helped to frame her face perfectly while not taking anything away from her overall look.

Next, the Elie Saab Couture custom gown she was wearing was perfect for her and a night of glamor. Opting for something a little more covered up, the high leg slit in the gown kept the dress from becoming too matronly for an actress of her young age, and the light green and almost peridot color was perfect for complementing her skin tone and really bringing out the fiery nature of her hair color. For those looking to go red this year, taking a lesson from Emma Stone and opting for a light green is a great way to showcase those locks.

No look is complete without the right cosmetic touch, and I loved how Emma kept it simple and chic with a mostly natural look. Her eyes weren’t overdone, she had just enough peachy color to her cheeks, and the coral toned matte lipstick helped to keep the entire look soft, playful, and top of the line when it comes to fashion. If you’ve been struggling with just how to use or incorporate matte lip color into your look, seeing how Emma did it on Oscar night should be a huge source of inspiration.

While Emma Stone was just one celeb who really hit it out of the park on Oscar night, she is one that any woman can learn a little something from. By keeping it chic and simple, she really allowed herself to wear the look without risking the look wearing her!

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