Embracing The Pale Dress For 2015

Embracing The Pale For 2015Previous years may have been all about jewel tones, but this year things are getting a bit more subdued. When it comes to dresses, the pale and white trend is really hot for 2015, and what really makes this trend a hit is that these tones can really complement any skin tone. No matter if you’re naturally light, or naturally dark, a pale or white tone can really make you pop and stop a dress from wearing you. Also, these pale tones are undoubtedly feminine, so you can have an opportunity to play with other flirty looks without becoming overdone.

The biggest issue we’ve seen in previous years with the jewel tone trend is that these dresses could easily move from being something you wear, to something that wears you. What this means is that you are no longer the focus of the outfit, and the dress has begun to take you over and make itself the star of the show, and this is exactly what you’re looking to avoid when you craft a new look. The pale and white dress trend, however, makes it much easier to embrace your look, and unless the dress is particularly artsy or intricate, you don’t need to worry about getting lost within it.

When working with the pale dress trend, we recommend really upping the flirt factor and making things romantic. Carefree hairstyles, or particularly feminine hairstyles, natural makeup looks, and daintier accessory pieces work exceptionally well with pale dresses or gowns, and they give you that flawless princess look while still staying chic. Make no mistake, you won’t look “babyish” in these delicate colors and styles, but you will look radiant in a new and simpler way.

The pale and white dress trend is something we’ll be seeing more of as the events of the spring and summer roll by, and taking a peek at just how the stars are making it their own can provide you with a ton of great ideas about what to pull off yourself!

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