Don’t Shy Away From The Red Lip

Don’t Shy Away From The Red Lip- celebrity makeupFrom Marilyn Monroe, to Julianne Moore, we’re fully convinced that the red lip trend is one that will be around forever. There are few looks as classic, or as glamorous, as a perfect red lip, and this is one trend that can actually work with all skin tones and personal looks. Red lips are also dramatic, which can cause some women to shy away from them without really trying them first, but we fully encourage the bravery it takes to play around with red lips and see what shade and what style really work for you.

If you want to look as glamorous as the stars, and like you just stepped off of the red carpet, you’ll want to pay close attention to your skin and the rest of your face before debuting your own red lip. One important rule to remember when trying out the red lip trend is to pay attention to your skin tone, and to remember that the fairer the skin, the more the lip is going to pop. It’s easy to see just how much more dramatic a red lip is on a person with porcelain toned skin compared to a person with bronzed or darker skin, and this is something to keep in mind when bringing your entire look together. If you’re particularly fair, pairing a red lip with other bold colors or particularly dark eyes can make you look overdone, so it’s best to start with the lip to keep everything else toned down.

It’s well known that red lipstick can bleed, and you don’t want to go about your day starting fresh, and looking messy towards the end. One trick that many celebrity makeup artists use before applying a red lip is to line the lips first with a similarly colored red lip liner in order to keep the lipstick where it’s supposed to be. When lining the lips, it’s also important to blend once you’re finished, as you don’t want to have any color variations visible.

There is no real secret to picking the right shade of red, and it’s really up to what you feel works best for you. A long held rule is that those with pink toned skin should opt for a red with a brown base, and those with cool toned skin should opt for a red with a blue tint, but these are things that are pretty tough to pick out to the untrained eye investigating a makeup counter. What we’d suggest is simply playing around with shades you like, and seeing what seems to mesh best with your look.

Red lips have been in fashion for generations, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Rather than shy away from the drama, there is no better time to experiment with the red lip look yourself!

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